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STYLE      18.02.22


Photograoher: Valerio Nico @dawlish

Photo Assistant: Andrea Lamedica @imloppi

Stylist: Will Merante @willmerante

Hair and Make Up Artist: Fabio D’Onofrio @fabio_donofrio

Hair and Make Up Assistant: Giovanni Pastore @rocky_joe_mua

Producer: Claudio Colombo @claudio_colomboo

Producer Assistant: Luca Gasparini @lucaxgasparini

Casting: Riccardo Milanese @riccardomln

Models: TEDROS @teddy.afro_

Sun @everybody_loves_the_sun @persona_milano

Mattia @ciaoprobono

Tommaso @shecallsmeliljesus

Rita @ritanadir.nicotra @persona_milano

Typography Artist: Monique Goossens

The concept behind “Nightmare salon” stems from the desire of analysing the hypnotic hilariousness of hair-styling and beauty techniques. Wandering around the streets in Milan, it’s easy to stumble upon all kinds of hair and beauty salons. If you take a moment to look inside, nine times out of ten you will find yourself staring at a long line of elderly ladies. Sitting on those comfy armchairs or waiting outside smoking, going through all these crazy, funny treatments, with huge, absurd structures built on their heads. Waiting several hours in order to get closer to their idea of beauty.
By means of a ‘mock-reportage’ the aim is to investigate the ironic and ambiguous aspects of some extreme hair & beauty treatments.

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