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STYLE      30.04.22


Photographer: Vitali Gelwich @vitali_gelwich

Creative Concept / Production / Casting: Stupid Studios @stupid.studios

Styling: Billy Lobos @billylobos

Hair Stylist: Janina Zais @janinazais

MUA: Olivia Nwachukwu @liv_gate

Producer: Mina Aichhorn @minaaichhorn

Styling Assistant: Aoife Akue @aoifeadoleakue

1st Photo Assistant: Paul Skulimma @paul_skulimma

2nd Photo Assistant: Ivan Volodko @ivanvolodko__

Runner: Leoni-Sophie Riedel @l3osophi3

Runner: Frederik Ruegger @frederikruegger


Ella @chanelllla

Luthando @luu.ngma


Jordan @jordan_sprk

Miguel @miguelangeles

“Bitches lookin' at me strange but you know I don't care”

Snoop Doggy Dogg said that when the century started, when 00’s hits our life. Now Vitali, Berlin-based photographer, is firing a shot straight to our memories.

Get it on with our latest editorial 'Shoot 1'.

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